Guest List Management

One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is creating a guest list. When you have added up all of your family, friends, and obligatory invites, it can be an overwhelming (and costly) number of people.

Wedding planner Jessica Carillo recently contributed a great set of advice for how to create and manage your guest list.

As a general rule of the thumb, the more guests invited, the more expensive the wedding will be. You will have more people to feed, more drinks to pay for, more tables to decorate, more favors to buy, and the list goes on.

You might also be required to cap the guest list due to venue capacity restrictions, which means you can’t invite everyone you originally hoped you could.

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Alternatives to Table Numbers

I’ve always liked the idea of having table names instead of numbers at an event. No one likes the feeling that they get when they pick up their table assignment and see that they’re at table 15 (or at large events, table 40). Obviously, at weddings the head table is normally surrounded by immediate family and the bridal party. At other events, table numbers can reflect the amount spent on a ticket or social status.

One way to alleviate some of that tension as well as to work with a theme is to have table names instead of table numbers. If you are having a baseball themed event, you could have team names or mascots. Instead of Table 5, guests are sitting at the Phillies Table.
Baseball Name Card Table
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Uniquely Hagley: The Galleries

Photo by Erin Farrell Photography

Galleries I and II in the Soda House are beautiful rooms that can be used for anything from a corporate meeting to a wedding reception. The rooms boast vaulted ceilings with exposed beams and hardwood floors. Gallery I also has a beautiful non-functional fireplace and mantle and Gallery II has deep windows to let in natural light and view our wonderful property. Continue reading

Uniquely Hagley: Photo Locations

Hagley Museum and Library is located on over 200 acres of property along the Brandywine River in Delaware. Our property has an amazingly diverse set of photo backdrops from the river to the rolling hills, from the original DuPont family residence to the amazing stone barn–there is no where that you can go to get photos that compares to Hagley. Wedding pictures are also an exclusive perk of having your ceremony or reception on at Hagley!


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Uniquely Hagley: the Silo

Hagley has many unique features that make its rental space special, especially for weddings. In our first series of blog posts, I’ll be highlighting different aspects of Hagley that make it a truly special place.

The Silo

The silo of is a prominent feature of Hagley’s main rental space, the Soda House. The Soda House has acted as a backdrop for ceremonies, cocktails, and as a stunning backdrop for photos.

Soda House

In the evening, the lights that decorate the railing make for a magical picture regardless of the season.

Spiral Stair

Photo by Kerry Harrison Photography

Photo by Kerry Harrison Photography