Summer Weddings–Beat the Heat

We’re well into July and our summer weddings are going in full swing. Summers are a great time of year for weddings. Many of your guests are able to travel without worrying about snow storms or school deadlines, things are growing and blooming, there aren’t many major holidays to worry about.

But the one thing that our summer brides tend to be concerned with is the heat and humidity both for themselves and for their guests. While we can’t control the weather, there are a couple of things that can help to alleviate the heat. Continue reading


Wedding Advice: How to “Stage Manage” Your Wedding

For many people, their wedding is the first large-scale event that they have ever planned. They are overwhelmed by the details and all the little bits and pieces that go into making the day what they want. There are a million different check lists out there that tell you that 9 months out you need to book your florist and two months before to meet with your photographer. These can be a great help if you truly have no idea where to start, but don’t necessarily help with the day to day.  Continue reading

Wedding Advice: What Does Everyone Else Do?


Elaborate Mantle Decoration
Photo Courtesy of Lovely Girls Events LLC

One of the questions that most brides ask at some point during the planning process is “What do all the other brides do?”. There are so many decisions to make from what order to have events take place in the reception to the color of your linens to how to number your tables and there’s no one right way to do any of it.

I love seeing the different things that our Hagley brides come up with to make the space their own and how their individual personalities come through in decorations, readings, music, favors and everything else. So when brides ask me “what does everybody else do” for flowers, for linens, for music I have to answer that there isn’t something that everybody does. Every wedding is different and special in its own way.  The important thing is for the wedding to feel like you!

I won’t tell you what everyone else does, but I’m always happy to send Hagley brides pictures or inspiration that I think might help them to find something that will work with their vision for their day.


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