Summer Weddings–Beat the Heat

We’re well into July and our summer weddings are going in full swing. Summers are a great time of year for weddings. Many of your guests are able to travel without worrying about snow storms or school deadlines, things are growing and blooming, there aren’t many major holidays to worry about.

But the one thing that our summer brides tend to be concerned with is the heat and humidity both for themselves and for their guests. While we can’t control the weather, there are a couple of things that can help to alleviate the heat.

1. Hydration

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, considering having cold bottled water available for your guests to pick up when they arrive. You can even make or purchase customized bottle labels if you want them to stick with your theme. Make sure you also arrange with your venue for some sort of trash/recycling receptacle as well.

Bring a small cooler with a couple of bottles for yourselves, your bridal party, and your photographer if you plan on being outside for a while taking photos.

2. Tissues, Make-up, and Hair Spray

Create an emergency bag with all the little touch up items you may need if you’re out in the heat. Include tissues for blotting, extra makeup, a small bottle of hairspray, and anything else you think you may need.

3. Fans, Fans, Fans!

Print your programs on a fan for guests to use throughout the event, purchase inexpensive paper fans, have quiet oscillating fans blow on people. Do fans make the air cooler? No. But on a day where the air is thick and still, the air movement will help keep your guests cool.

4. Transportation

Make sure that the transportation you have is air-conditioned. If you’re already in your dress or have hair and makeup done, consider sending someone ahead to turn on the vehicle to make sure that it’s nice and cool by the time you arrive. Car interiors can be molten lava hot and the last thing you want is a burn from the seat belt.

If you’re really worried about the heat, considering having your entire event indoors in an air-conditioned space… like Hagley!


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