Alternatives to Table Numbers

I’ve always liked the idea of having table names instead of numbers at an event. No one likes the feeling that they get when they pick up their table assignment and see that they’re at table 15 (or at large events, table 40). Obviously, at weddings the head table is normally surrounded by immediate family and the bridal party. At other events, table numbers can reflect the amount spent on a ticket or social status.

One way to alleviate some of that tension as well as to work with a theme is to have table names instead of table numbers. If you are having a baseball themed event, you could have team names or mascots. Instead of Table 5, guests are sitting at the Phillies Table.
Baseball Name Card Table
Below are a few more ideas fun table name themes.

Herbs with a sample under glass at each table

Types of Wine for a Vineyard Wedding or a Wine Tasting Event

Love Poems (these are from Hagley Events Staff Heather Bohler’s Wedding)


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