Wedding Advice: How to “Stage Manage” Your Wedding

For many people, their wedding is the first large-scale event that they have ever planned. They are overwhelmed by the details and all the little bits and pieces that go into making the day what they want. There are a million different check lists out there that tell you that 9 months out you need to book your florist and two months before to meet with your photographer. These can be a great help if you truly have no idea where to start, but don’t necessarily help with the day to day. 

My favorite article on organizing and executing a wedding doesn’t give a timeline, but it does give really helpful ways to track information and make sure that nothing important is left undone. Check out the excerpt below and follow the link for the full article.

“Random Bits of Advice

  • Ask your baker how to cut that first slice of cake. They often place dowels and plates in and between layers so that it doesn’t slip or fall over; it’s better to cut around those, yes?
  • Make a shot list for your photographer. Even if you aren’t doing formal, posed photos, you know there are people you’d be sad about not getting a picture with. Write it down and check it off.
  • Decide in advance what you’re going to eat on your wedding day (before the reception) and the days before. Put someone else (great job for your best person) in charge of making sure you eat. And choose healthy stuff that you know won’t upset a nervous stomach.
  • If you’re having any kind of welcome party or rehearsal dinner in your home, especially if you live in a condo or apartment building, let your neighbors know ahead of time or be prepared for them to throw big hissy fits about it. (I speak from personal experience.)
  • Write your thank you notes as soon as you get gifts. I cannot stress this enough. (A friend has a rule that she cannot use a gift or deposit a check until the note is written – an excellent rule.)
  • If you’re getting married outside (or spending time outside right before your wedding) and you burn easily, for the love of all that is sacred, please wear sunscreen. Lest you have a big red blotchy area on your chest that is not in the shape of your gown’s neckline. (Yep, that’s me.)”

Read more at How to Stage Manage Your Wedding


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